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OZ/ Lightroom Develop Presets
These OneZone /Lightroom Presets are used in the Develop module. They will optimize your OneZone exposure when using Lightroom 4.0 and higher.  There are over 10 Presets that can be applied, reapplied or removed at any time during processing:
.   > [Auto Tone] “Basic” panel with White Balance: Auto, As Shot or No change
.   > “Contrast” – adjust over all – “highlights” and “shadows”
.   > “Shadows” – adjust lower tones from mid gray to blacks
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OZ/ Lightroom Library Filters
I have created a set of OneZone /Lightroom Filters to be used in the Library “Grid” mode. These filters will simplify the REVIEW and DELETE process of “OZ Bracket Sets” exposures
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“Empirical Proof” Chart
Two free download files:
> Excel Worksheet – Download this Dynamic/Interactive Excel worksheet to find the Optimum White Point of your camera’s sensor.
> Hi-Res PDF – Download this file to print blank high resolution “Empirical Proof Test” forms.
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