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Edition 2.0 released December 12, 2014

The biggest change is the “most requested”… the PDF eBook now “Printable”.

Besides the “Errata” fixes and subtle re-referencing the “White Card” to “White Target”, I’ve added a few more items to the Appendix (Hints for printing the PDF book efficiently; adding instructions for the OneZone/Lightroom “Develop Presets” and “Library Filters”.)
A list of the updates can be found on the site

For those who purchased Edition 1.0 in:
> PDF… you will be receiving an email shortly with the updated Edition 2 attached
> Paperback… you need to Email/Forward me your invoice for the paperback purchase.  I will reply and attach the updated PDF Edition 2 to the email.

PDF for Version #1 AFTER MAILING: “you should have received an email dated January 15th”
PDF for Subsequent versions: “(or have previously received a PDF version for purchasing the Paperback)”

2 thoughts on “TheBook_update

  1. Hi Bob, may I download the last version of the book?


    Bob DiNatale

    Bob DiNatale Reply:


    If you purchased the PDF version… I will be mailing it out to all by the end of the week.

    If you purchased the Paperback, you will need to email me your invoice as proof of purchase.



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