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The OneZone / Lightroom Workflow
This 25-minute video shows how to use Lightroom to the OneZone Method#2 captures… the video shows the entire workflow…
There are 5-chapters (listed below) for you to easily revisit specific areas for review.
Videos Chapters:
[00:00]  OZ​ Camera Settings Method #2…Getting Started
[01:48]  Using​ OZ Bracket Sets … Intro to LR Stacking
[o8:18]  Choosing the “Best” Exposure… MORE LR Stacking
[19.50]  Review: One More Example
[24.41]  Recap – Quick Overview

The Empirical Proof Test 
This video will take you through the entire test to define the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor.  [-:–]
After performing this test you will know more about digital exposure and your camera.
These findings will be specific to your system.

Construction To-Do List
1. Create & Post video - "The Empirical Prove Test"

2 thoughts on “Video: Redirect

  1. How does one access the following videos?

    Installing OneZone Presets and Lightroom Library Filters
    There are 2 videos:
    . > Installing OneZone Presets for both Lightroom and Photoshop [-:–]
    . > Installing OneZone/Lightroom Library Filters [-:–]

    Using OneZone Presets
    This video will show .
    There are 2 videos:
    . > Using OneZone Presets when processing your OneZone exposures in either Lightroom and Photoshop [-:–]
    . > Using OneZone Library Filters to help delete unwanted OneZone bracket exposures. [-:–]


    Bob DiNatale

    Bob DiNatale Reply:


    Unfortunately, I have not created these videos yet. I added a “To-Do List” to the page for clarification.



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